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8 Ingenious Ideas To Attract More Customers And Boost Your Local Business Foot Traffic. Did You Say Social Media?

Attract more customers to a local business is the result of combined strategies producing good results. Some business owners focus more on the "outside appearance" and others focus on adding different types of value to the customer in order to keep them coming back. Get foot traffic to your business could be a hard task and even harder if the right strategies are not being implemented, in fact, could be frustrating. There are some useful and affordable ways to get the business noticed focusing more on local people. Read more

This Is What I Learned From My First Entrepreneurial Failure. Don't Let This Happen To You.

Attempting to be an entrepreneur it's not an easy task especially when you grew up in a culture where "go to college and get a good job" was always the way of living and thinking. The entrepreneurship path is full of challenges, changes, failures, sacrifices but it's so rewarding because you will be developing your own ideas to resolve a problem or to make the life of your "target consumers" easier and better. Read more

6 Amazing lessons Billions TV Series Can Teach Us About The Business Life

Billions is a TV series all about business lifestyle, money-making, benefits you have by being billionaire and so on. Also, it has a "dark" part where the money earned by the main character it's not "legal”. I consider myself as a fan of this TV show because the content has a lot of things to teach, especially for entrepreneurs about a business lifestyle and what are the things that matter the most when you are at the top. Read more

6 Entrepreneurial Lessons We Can Learn From Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant's retirement was one of those conversation topics that people, especially NBA fans talked a lot this past regular season of the NBA (Nov-Apr). Because we want to be the best as entrepreneurs, business owners, hustlers, and dreamers, we can keep some lessons that made of Kobe Bryant one of the best players through the NBA history. Read more

5 Key Elements For Ecommerce Sites To Retain More Customers And Increase Sales

Today, e-commerce is a very popular and lucrative business category, and you will have the most successful experience if you can take advantage of all the resources available for these type of sites. Does not matter if you are just starting with your online business, there are many strategies for business owners or marketers to get the best results. You just need to be consistent, creative and customer service oriented. Read more